Monday, October 31, 2011

A Drop of Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee
The legend of man’s beverages starts when man drank a marvellous sip of coffee for the first time. Coffee has changed everything! Now we would try to introduce some relevant facts about coffee including its origin, name, preparation and why it is so important and interesting in drinking Turkish coffee.

Overview of Turkish Coffee History

The origin of the coffee is very mysterious like the taste itself. It is believed that coffee has three hundred years old history. The first coffee beans were harvested in Ethiopia. The legend says that a young shepherd called Kaldi noticed how his goats stayed awake after eating coffee beans, and then he has tried those magical beans for himself. So, the new era has begun! In 1555 coffee beans were brought in Turkey by Syrian traders, and there coffee has marked the whole age of humankind, and everyone knows that Turkish coffee is the mother of all sorts of coffees.

Furthermore, the name “coffee” comes from the Arabic “gahwa”, which Turkey has borrowed and derivate to “kahve”. All other countries have taken the name from Turkey, and derivate to their own language, but the core of the word remain the same, so coffee is the word that everyone around the world will definitely understand. In some period of the history coffee has become a real treat to the Ottoman Empire because people drank coffee gathered together, and they discussed about everything including the political situation in the country. These political discussions have led the leaders of the empire to think that some day coffee drinkers will cause rise against the Empire. Therefore in 1656 a law was forced that shut down all coffee houses, and drinkers were declared as outlaws. Instead of reducing the coffee, this law has made it even more popular.

Turkish coffee was accidentally introduced to the rest of the world when the Turkish army was retreated from Vienna, fortuitously left begs with coffee beans. Quickly, Austrians grasped the coffee fortune and started to make their own kind of coffee served on a special way, with cake named “kipfel”, today’s known as croissant. “Kipfel” has symbolic meaning: its shape is exactly like the crescent moon from the Turkish flag, and it stands for celebration of the victory over the Turkish army.

How to prepare a perfect cup of Turkish coffee

In old times, in Turkey young women were learned to prepare an excellent coffee because their future depended of it. Their potential husbands judged if a woman was a perfect for marriage if she knew to make a good cup of Turkish coffee. Therefore preparation is very essential for making Turkish coffee.

Today it is not like this at all, but the custom of future bride making coffee for her husband-to-be on their engagement still remains.

In order to make a perfect cup of Turkish coffee, we should follow several steps. What we need is a coffee pot, grinded coffee beans, spoon and sugar according to the taste. First we measure the amount of water, then we place the pot with the water on a stove, and the heat is turned on medium. When the water starts to heat up, add one tablespoon of Turkish coffee and sugar, and remember do not stir it. Notice that one tablespoon of coffee is enough for one cup of coffee. The coffee should float on the surface. Next wait until the coffee starts to sing and mingle with the water, and then stir it, and turn down the heat to low. When a bubble ring starts forming on the surface move the pot away. Never let your coffee boil! The secret of Turkish coffee is to let it create thick foam. Then, pour the coffee in cups, and make sure that there is equal amount of foam in every cup. At the end, enjoy in your perfect cup of Turkish coffee!

Why is drinking Turkish coffee so extraordinary?

We could say that Turkish coffee has unique power that no other drink has. Here are some interesting facts:

1. It makes you stop and rest because it is never drunk in a hurry
2. Turkish coffee makes you more patient due to its preparation that takes a bit longer then the preparation of other drinks.
3. You become very calm while you are drinking it
4. Turkish coffee is good for encouraging conversation as it is usually shared with someone
5. Turkish coffee is good for you to have it after a meal due to the fact that it is very helpful in the digestion process
6. What is also very important is that Turkish coffee is not carcinogenic and it is very economical. According some studies, coffee reduce the risk of some common medical illnesses too
7. Furthermore, Turkish coffee has a tradition of fortune-telling by reading the figures left of the coffee grinds.

To conclude, coffee has made an enormous revolution in men’s culture. It has been proven that Turkish coffee has a tremendous history that makes this drink even more exotic and beautiful. In addition Turkish coffee’s idea is to bring people together, giving them time for relaxation and enjoyment.



Lisa said...

Really nice post! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful coffee.

Adina said...

Bravo! I do love a good Turkish Coffee. And the fortune reading that comes with it!

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